Color Realism and Nerd Tattoos

Jose Guevara Morales is making his way to 1 Point Tattoo for another round of fun! He is no stranger to us as he makes his way back to his home away from home, Hawaii. Jose has been tattooing for 10 years and worked closely with Simon Halpern for many of them. He specializes in color realism, anime and nerd tattoos. Jose considers hisself a nerd since he was a kid and not because its trendy, he incorporates his knowledge into his tattoos.

Jose Guevara Morales tattoos at the first Black Anchor studio in the high desert of Hesperia California. Founded by world renowned tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado, its one of the best-known tattoo shops on the west coast.  Nikko Hurtado presented Anchored after years of development and testing. Anchored Stencil solution produces clear, crisp lines so your stencil is a more accurate representation of your original drawing. The stencil sticks for hours as artists perform work, relieving them of having to worry about how the last line of that stencil is going to hold up. A good tattoo begins with a good stencil and tattooers use this product around the world founded by Nikko.

Jose will be visiting us for a couple of days after the Pacific Ink & Art Expo August 6-8. Please contact him directly @cheeseburgerchampion

Nerd Tattoos Black lady Sailor moon anime forearm tattoo

Black lady Sailor moon anime tattoo

Nerd Tattoos Full metal alchemist anime

Full metal alchemist anime tattoo

Color realism rose shoulder tattoo

Color realism shoulder tattoo

Color realism rose hip tattoo

Color Realism rose hip tattoo