Simon Halpern

Owner/tattoo artist/ornate patterns/SMP certified

Simon Halpern, tattoo artist & owner - 1 Point Tattoo, Kailua, HI

Meet Simon

Simon Halpern began working as a tattoo artist 16 years ago, after graduating from the University of Utah. Since then, Simon has honed his craft and artistic skills by tattooing non-stop. He has been featured as a guest artist across North America, tattooing in cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Albuquerque, Orlando, Honolulu & in Barcelona, Spain. He is well known for his geometric and ornate pattern style of tattooing, creating a highly-desired niche in the tattoo world. His fine-line and black tattoo artwork and custom designs are praised in tattoo expos, shops, and on the street, making him one of Oahu’s most highly sought-after tattoo artists.

Some Samples of Simon’s Tattoo Work:

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Simon Halpern full back tattoo
Simon Halpern double sleeve tattoos
Simon Halpern full back tattoo
Simon Halpern leg tattoo
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1 Point Tattoo laser tattoo removal

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