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Discover the Art of Tattoo in Hawaii

We don’t have customers we have clients. People that appreciate tattoos and the art of tattooing want to work with us to create custom imagery that will look amazing now, as well as 20 years from now. We aim to give each client the time they need to feel comfortable with the entire process from consultation, to tattoo time, to proper after-care instructions.

1 Point takes a minimalist approach to the shop, creating a clean, safe working environment for staff and clients.

We follow all Hawaii State Department of Health guidelines and are Blood Borne Pathogen certified to ensure the best and continued safety in the shop. 

1 Point Crew Logo

Simon Halpern

Ornate Patterns

Ash Hochman

Traditional / Neo-Traditional

Yvonne Kang


Josh Flinn

Polynesian Watercolor Fusion

Judd Bowman

Black & Grey Traditional Americana

Mark Pricks

Multiple Styles

Kristine Le-Esposito

Laser Tattoo Removal / Manager

Client Testimonials


Joshua Flinn did an amazing job on my tattoo! This was my first tattoo and he was very helpful throughout the whole process. He is a true master of ...

kaveonwheels, Kailua


Awesome artists! Custom design work was very customer friendly and Vinnie did several revisions for me. Well worth the trip, and I'll be back for more...

Brett Erickson, Kailua


Josh Flinn is an amazing artist! He drew this freehand on my leg. The vision and flow of this tattoo is perfect! Josh is laid back and really understa...

Becky Dutton, Kailua


Josh Flinn did an incredible job on my tattoo! The delicate lines are a tedious task but I am thrilled with how it turned out. Not only does Josh do p...

Kate Kazmer, Kailua


My best friend, Kaitlin, and I had tattoos done by Joshua Flinn and absolutely love his work. He’s very timely at responding to you and extremely pr...

Ellen Morris, Kailua

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1 Point Tattoo logo w/ services

1 Point Tattoo logo w/ services