Discover the Art of Tattoo in Kailua, Hawaii

We don’t have customers we have clients. People that appreciate tattoos and the art of tattooing want to work with us to create custom imagery that will look amazing now, as well as 20 years from now. We aim to give each client the time they need to feel comfortable with the entire process from consultation, to tattoo time, to proper after-care instructions.

1 Point takes a minimalist approach to the shop, creating a clean, safe working environment for staff and clients.

We follow all Hawaii State Department of Health guidelines and are Blood Borne Pathogen certified to ensure the best and continued safety in the shop. 

1 point tattoo - the art of tattoo in Kailua

The 1 Point Tattoo Crew

Simon Halpern - Tattoos and Tattoo Removal

Simon Halpern

Ornate Patterns


Ash Hochman Tattoo Artist

Ash Hochman

Traditional / Neo-Traditional
Yvonne Kang Tattoo Artist

Yvonne Kang

Find us on the map:
25 minutes from Honolulu / Waikiki 

Client Testimonials


1 Point is the best tattoo shop on the island IMO. I've had work done by Simon and Ash (and LOVE their work) and started removal on an old tattoo tha...

Louise Sper, Kailua


Yvonne was absolutely amazing. SHE IS 100% DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT. We did two tattoos on back to back days and the first one was not pleasant at a...

Lisa Pham, Kailua


Best tattoo shop on this side of the milky way😉 Ash has done pretty much done all of my tattoos, and she’s amazing with color. She did an entire ...

Phoenix Winters, Kailua


Amazing artistry here. Simon has work that blows my mind and the staff is extremely friendly. Will come here as long as I can afford it....

sheena lavigne, Kailua


I've been in a few tattoo shops, and I've got over 30 tattoos. 1 point is by far my favorite shop on the island. Extremely professional, very clean, a...

Keegan Smith, Kailua

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