Tattooing for 15 years

Jessebob has been tattooing and traveling worldwide for 15 years. He began tattooing in Taos, New Mexico where it is known around the world for its unique geography, cultural sights and artistic community. He has tattooed all over the country to include:

Owning a shop called Electric Cobra Tattoo Club, in Portland Oregon for 4 years. 3 years at the oldest shop in Pacific Beach, California called Tattoo Inkspot. Along with 3 years at Sailor’s Grave in Hillcrest in San Diego, California.

Jessebob has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia. Tattooing at: Vinnie Stone’s in Antwerp, Belgium, Classic Ink in Dublin, Ireland, Hollywood Mark’s and Hanky Panky’s in Amsterdam, Holland. He has even tattooed in Barcelona, Zaragoza, Madrid Spain, and Cancun Mexico. He traveled to Yucatan visiting Mayan and Aztec pyramids and ruins. Traveling to Greece, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia visiting ancient temples and sacred sights.

Who can say they have been tattooed by a monk? Well while he was Tattooing at Skull Tattoo on Koh Phi Phi,  it was there he was tattooed by a monk at Wat Bang Phra in Thailand. Jessebob uses his experiences abroad and his spiritual experiences as inspiration in his artwork. Using symbolism and sacred geometry in his art; he believes the tattoo should be a constant reminder to its wearer of the omnipresence of the divine in all things.

Mahalos Jessebob for making your way to 1 Point Tattoo every year as 1 of the best guest artist we could have ever hoped for! Guest artist from June -July 2018, contact him directly for appointments on IG @sita_rama.

Hindu God

Ornate Pattern Full back piece