Laser Tattoo Removal

August 14 is officially recognized as National Tattoo Removal Day! Laser tattoo removal is the safest, most effective method for removing unwanted ink. Millions of Americans seek a solution for their tattoo regret each year, and with tattoo popularity on the rise, the demand for laser tattoo removal shows no signs of slowing down. To celebrate this advanced procedure, August 14 has officially been registered as National Tattoo Removal Day!

What Is National Tattoo Removal Day? National Tattoo Removal Day is an annual celebration of the advanced procedure of laser tattoo removal. This day was founded to support clients that have undergone laser tattoo removal, to encourage individuals interested in removing their tattoos, and promoting awareness about this innovative procedure. This special day also recognizes the many talented practitioners that offer and perform tattoo removal at their business.

How can we celebrate it?If you’ve been contemplating getting laser tattoo removal, August 14 is the day to do so. Whatever motivation you have for removing your tattoo, don’t wait any longer, get connected with us to remove your unwanted tattoos today! Previous laser clients can celebrate by sharing about their treatment experience and posting successful before and after photos.

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Tattoo Removal Methods – It wasn’t until the early 1990s that successful Q-switched laser tattoo removal became available. Before then, tattoo removal techniques were abrasive and harmful, to say the least. These older methods included dermabrasion, acid treatment, salabrasion, and excision which involved cutting, scraping, or sanding of the skin. Not only are these techniques very painful, almost all of them result in unsightly scarring.

Today, a technique called q-switching allows lasers to emit energy through a pulsed output. Traditional laser pointers produce a continuous laser beam whereas Q-switched lasers output laser beam pulses that last billionths of a second. These extremely brief light pulses are packed with intense high peak power, allowing them to shatter tiny particles of pigment and penetrate through the skin without damaging surrounding skin tissue.

We truly believe in helping people and take pride in providing our clients with a clean, sterile, comfortable and friendly environment. Our judgment-free shop focuses solely on great results and client satisfaction. No matter your removal reason, we want to help!

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