Is your tattoo, “a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling?”

You may hear someone quote this Jimmy Buffet lyric if you talk to people about getting a tattoo removed. Whether lost love is to blame, or your piece simply didn’t turn out the way you imagined, there are many reasons you might want to remove or revise a tattoo. That’s why we have laser tattoo removal!

In the past, there wasn’t a non-invasive, effective method for removing tattoos. People scraped, burned, and cut them out, but these methods were obviously quite painful and left scars. Thankfully, times have changed. With a modern specially designed laser system, a trained professional can make your ink disappear with minimal pain and no permanent scarring.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Although it might not seem like it, your body is attempting to get rid of your tattoo from the moment you get it. Your white blood cells attack the ink particles, and ever so slowly, bit by bit, they dissolve and dispose of them. However, an ink particle is much larger than a white blood cell, which is why it takes decades for a tattoo to fade. Our state of the art tattoo removal allows us to accelerate this process.

Laser tattoo removal uses precisely tuned bursts of light to heat up and shatter tattoo ink particles, leaving behind smaller pieces that white blood cells can dispose of easily. Over the course of several treatments – exactly how many varies from case to case – the laser fully breaks down the tattoo and allows your body to dispose of it.

A tattoo after 3 laser tattoo removal treatments

Advantages of laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is the world’s only non-invasive tattoo removal option. This means that it doesn’t damage the tissue around your tattoo, and gives it several advantages over any other technique:

  • Minimal pain – While most removal patients experience some pain, the majority describe it as mild. Others say it hurts about as much as getting a tattoo.
  • No new scarring – Since the laser targets only the tattoo ink, it doesn’t leave behind scar tissue. However, if the tattoo itself caused scarring, it will remain after the removal process.
  • Precision and flexibility – laser tattoo removal is an exacting, incremental process. We can remove your tattoo completely, fade it for a cover up, or selectively remove one or more elements.

Why choose 1 Point for your laser tattoo removal?

The pros at 1 Point know tattoos, inside and out. Whether you want a cover up or simply the most efficient, complete removal possible, they’ve got the skills and technology to take care of you. 1 Point’s removal team has been trained by New Look Laser College, the world’s leading laser tattoo removal training program. Want to learn more? Check out our page on laser tattoo removal.