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Josh Flinn tattoo artist

Meet Josh

Joshua Flinn was born and raised in Hawaii. After High School, he attended college in Colorado where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in Art History and Psychology. Then he returned to Hawaii to follow his passion for tattooing. Josh had a very hard and extensive old school apprenticeship in Maui and after five years on Maui decided to move back to Oahu to be closer to family. He tattooed in Waikiki for 20 plus years and has had the honor of tattooing people from all around the world. Josh also takes classes at the Art Academy so that he can continue to explore the Arts outside of work. Over the years he has done all different styles of tattooing and currently focusing more on a style he came up with a few years ago called #polynesianwatercolorfusion. Josh love all forms of tattooing and feels blessed to be doing something he loves. Feel free to reach him through email or Instagram.

Some Samples of Josh’s Tattoo Work:

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Josh Flinn tattoo of polynesian totem
Josh Flinn polynesian flower tattoo
Josh Flinn full sleeve tattoo of polynesian design
Josh Flinn arm tattoo
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